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CatTouch - FAQs

CatTouch is a new product under continual development. It is safe to use with all supported transceiver models.
For the best experience, you should have the technical ability to upload & install new versions of firmware
How to update firmware video
BAR screen
CLK screen
MTR screen
SPK screen
MIC screen
SWR screen
WiFi screen
CFG screen
JPG screen
Mitigating RFI

Compatible Yaesu transceivers have more than 1 CAT port allowing CatTouch to use RS232C CAT port & your favorite PC application to use USB CAT & USB audio
All work independently & at the same time. Note: The FT-710 does have some CAT issues, even with latest firmware

Installation Instructions

During development of CatTouch, several Yaesu CAT idiosyncrasies have been observed:

FT-710: When using multiple CAT devices, the FT-710 occasionally sends truncated data which can cause programs like WSJT-X to pop up a error dialog.
A partial solution is to set WSJT-X CAT speed to 115200 & CAT polling interval to 10 seconds or greater. You'll need to match this CAT speed on your FT-710.
Then set CatTouch and CAT-3 of FT-710 to 4800bps. You'll still get the odd pop up error from WSJT-X, but not as often - requires a fix from Yaesu

FT-710: If you try to save or load menu or memory it will fail while CatTouch is in MTR screen (thanks KE2AA) - requires a fix from Yaesu
Workaround: select JPG, CFG or WiFi screen on CatTouch, save/load files on FT-710 & when finished, return to the CatTouch screen you require

FT-710: Screen saver does not activate when the Cat Touch is running (thanks KE2AA) - requires a fix from Yaesu

FTdx10, FTdx101D: Clock CAT does not change if transceiver screen saver is on - requires a fix from Yaesu

FTdx101D/FTdx101MP: Many CAT devices caused transceiver to reboot - update transceiver firmware fixes problem

FTdx10: There is no way of telling via CAT if TTBF is enabled. SSB TX BPF SEL shows 50~3050 when TTBF selected
To enable TTBF, turn off FTdx10, hold down MODE + DNR then turn FTdx10 on. Do the same again to disable it

FT-991A: Clock CAT does not change if clock settings screen open on transceiver - requires a fix from Yaesu

FT-991A: In C4FM mode, CAT command responses for width, contour & notch are all incorrect - requires a fix from Yaesu
Latest CatTouch firmware forces these all off when in C4FM mode

FT-991A: LCUT slope keeps changing in SSB mode - requires a fix from Yaesu
This is why the CatTouch SPK screen keeps flashing when in SSB mode

FTdx5000 & possibly FTdx3000: MEQ & PROC lights keep flashing on transceiver - no fix

If you find the stylus does not work properly or erratically, reload the firmware
Common symptoms include screen buttons / tabs not working (not the JPG TAB though, it is always slow to react)
This will reset everything & force the calibrate screen to be displayed

When calibrating touch screen, it is important you touch as close as practical to the arrow point
A check is made to make sure a valid point is touched during calibration
Please use the included stylus

When doing a Yaesu Transceiver firmware update, you should disconnect CatTouch & any other device/s from your transceiver

TX Meters are erratic in non-carrier voice modes (SSB) due to slow Yaseu CAT system

There is no reset button or procedure on CatTouch. Updating firmware restores all factory defaults & you can do this as many times as you like
A firmware update overrides everything & you will need to reapply any settings like Zulu/UTC, 232C rate, voltage offset, Etc
You do not have to upload every sequential firmware version - you can skip firmware versions at any time
To update the firmware, download the latest version from the CatTouch product page
Click here & watch video
During firmware update, do not remove the SD card! You must finish updating & let CatTouch restart before removing SD card
If CatTouch firmware update via SD card did not work or you have a white screen, it can be recovered using this procedure

Why CatTouch uses FM for SWR measurements
Accurately measuring SWR requires:
1. Constant carrier level (power).
2. Constant frequency (ideally low phase & high spectral purity).
3. Enough power to obtain measurable forward & reverse voltages from the SWR detecting element/s.
Additionally, carrier bandwidth should be as narrow as possibl & it should cause least amount of interference with other users.

So considering our available unmodulated modes:
AM takes too long for the carrier to stabilize & obtain steady SWR measurement.
CW can be set up in a way that the CAT command to transmit will not produce a carrier.
Having to read and set up CW so CatTouch SWR works, deviates from being 'easy to use'.
PSK (modulated SSB) contains additional frequency components & varying power levels per frequency component.
RTTY (modulated FM) contains additional frequency components.
SSB requires modulation to generate a carrier.
FM generates a constant amplitude carrier at a constant frequency & does not require additional transceiver configuration.
An often misunderstood fact about FM is that if you do not talk (no modulation), it's carrier occupies the same bandwidth as CW.

CatTouch enclosure is 3D printed using biodegradable PLA which is not suitable for direct sunlight or in hot cars

The case STL file is at the bottom of the CatTouch product page. You can use this to print an ABS or PTEG case

CatTouch is a closed source product hand made in New Zealand
It is only sold via my website or my eBay listings
CatTouch is Copyright © 2022, 2023 Chris Day, New Zealand - all rights reserved

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