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CatTouch - CLK Screen

Yaesu instructions state transceiver date & time is Zulu/UTC
To set or change the time on CatTouch, set the time on the transceiver
Refer to your transceiver's user manual on how to change its time & date

Local time is calulated from Zulu/UTC offset which is changed in the INF screen

On FTdx10 & FTdx101 (possibly other models), if screen saver activated, clock stops updating
This is a Yaesu CAT bug and not a fault with CatDisplay

On FTdx5000 there is no clock so the clock screen shows an error message & CatTouch restarts

There is no way to set the Zulu/UTC clock on CatTouch. It is designed to get & report the transceiver time

If CatTouch is not communicating with the transceiver, the clock screen will not show

Ztul/UTC time & date is correct from transceiver
Local date is not yet calculated & may be incorrect

There is no alarm on CatTouch

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